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Argos Export S.A. is a Peruvian Agro Industrial enterprise established in 1996, its principles are based on total quality management, guarantee and seriousness concept oriented to the integral industrialization of Tara Caesalpinia Spinoza (MOLINA) Kuntze,which can be obtained tara powder or tannins with its wide use in the Ecological Tanning and Furriary Industry; Tara Gum is used in the food industry the proteic.

Concentrated as a strenghten in different food used for human consumption as animal and fish consumption, that is why, we count with qualified personnel and with an equiped processing plant with high top tecnology.

ARGOS EXPORT S.A. is a national leader enterprise in the process of Tara Gum ,which is well-known as E-417 or Peruvian Locust Bean Gum in the European Union.

Our products are manufatured under International Quality Standard, including the Good Manufacture Practices and the HACCP System. Furthermore, our products count with KOSHER Certificate, which guarantees the quality, purity and harmlessness of our products.

In addition, we do have a with an excellent commercial relationship with our customers, we assist and satisfy requirements from national and international market with gauarantee, care and prompt delivery.

Our Staff is dedicated to the research and development of products, therefore, we have incorporated new products such as propyl gallate, extruded Maca powder or widely recognized as gelatinized, Lucuma powder and paste, Pearled Quinoa and Kiwicha in different presentations.

Our Mision

Our mission is to satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers with quality, prompt delivery and competitive prices.

We are in a constant persuit of innovative solutions in order to be efficient and effective to find the ptimum solutions for our customers.

Our Vision

Turn into a national leader and competitive enterprise, dedicated to the export of Tara Powder or Tannins, Tara gum and other natural additives and ingredients, promoting the Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility of the Environment.