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Tara (Caesalpinia Tinctorea) is a native Peruvian tree. It grows in the Andean valleys.The pod (fruit) is approximately 9 cm. of length and 1 or 2 of wide. The fruit is the part used and it is the source of tannins.

The seeds are processed to obtain of the gum.


Scientific name: Caesalpinia spinoza (MOLINA) Kuntze
Family: Leguminous
Sub-family: Caesalpinodea
Genre: Caesalpinia
Specie: Spinoza (Tinctorea)

  • Due to its tannins contained, it is useful in the tanning and furriery industry. The tannins contain practically no colouring substances, therefore, it is obtained a very bright, light-resistant leather.It can be used alone or blended with others tannins to ensure the properties of them and to achieve special effects in the finished leather through combined tanning , mixed or re-tanning.

    It is used for vegetable tanning of ovine and reptile's pelts.

    A part from its capacity, Tara Powder offers a lighter colouration than the rest of vegetable tannins, representing skins of a pure much closer, a soft touch, plus its tannins content from 60% - 64%, Tara Powder turns into irrepleceable in the modern techniques of tanning and re-tanning.

    Tara is sensitive to iron therefore, necessary cautions should be taken.

  • In the Food industry (wine clarifier, beer industry and as a boiler compound in the boiler steam).
  • In the Chemical Industry, it is used as a raw material for the manufacture of tannic extract, tannic and gallic acid, propyl gallate ( antioxidants).
  • Tannins are used in medicine as an astringents and also in burning treatment. It is used as an antiseptic.
  • In the manufacture of Plastic and Adhesives (it reacts easily with the formaldehyde). In the conservation of the fishing tackles (due to bactericides and fungicides properties).
  • Tara powder is also used in the manufacture of ink with iron salts to determinate basics colours in dry cleaner and embossed, in the manufacture of paper, in galvanoplastics and colouring matter.
  • In the United States, tannins are used as a thickener in the Oil industry to regulate the mud viscosity in the drilling of the oil well.

Polypropylene laminated bags of 25 Kg. Net.