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A NATURAL ADDITIVE : 100% VEGETAL KOSHERArgos Export s.a. agroindustria

Tara Gum is obtained from the endosperm of the Tara seed (Caesalpinia Spinoza), it is extracted by mechanical physical processes, then is submitted to a process of purification, being qualified as a completely healthy and harmless product, free of polluting agents, which is appropriate for the food industry.

Tara Gum is a polysaccharide of high molecular weight formed by units of galactose and mannose, joined by the glycosidic bonds called galactomannan.

  • Due to its high viscosity, it is used in the Food Industry as a thickener in the preparation of ready soup, spicy sauces, and ketchups, among others.
  • In the Bakery industry is used as a dough conditioner, provides smoothness, improves the texture and keeps the humidity of the products prolonging its shelf life.
  • In meat industry has the following properties: as a thickener, gelifier, thermo stabilizer (freezing cycles resistant), water retention agent, stables over pH 3.5, soluble in cold, prevents crystallization and syneresis.
  • In the dairy food, like ice cream, acts as an efficient gelifier setting water to avoid ice crystal fromation and in yogurt sets water, stabilizes the product and increases the yield.
  • In the industry of desserts and jellies, it acts as a gel.
  • In the industry of juice with pulp of fruits and vegetables, it acts as a stabilizer avoiding the precipitation of the insoluble solids which could affect the appearance of the product.
  • Tara gum is compatible with others gums and hydrocolloids like Locust bean gum, Guar gum, Xanthan gum, CMC, Carrageenan kappa, among others with which it has a synergistic action.