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Considered one of the richest protein grains, due to its content of amino acids such as: Leucina, isoleucina, metionina, fenilalanina, treonina, triptofano and valina. The concentration of Lisina in the protein of Quinua is considered almost the double compared with other cereals and gramineas. Besides, the content of vitamins such as complex B, vitamin C, E and tiamina, riboflavina; free of cholesterol and it has a good mineral content such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium among others. It is ideal for people who cannot consume milk and dairy products by their calcium source.

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  • It is essentially used as food for human consumption: Soups, creams, stews, torrejas, desserts, bakery and drinks.
  • There are many different forms of consumption of this product like grain, splits, flour and in some derivative products like in pastes, prepared cereals, chocolate bars.

Paper bags clupack multisheet of 25 Kg. with polyethylene inner bag.